safe room

The client requested a fire resistant, hidden room to provide secured storage for his guitar collection.  The space can also act as a panic room in case of home invasion.  With the incorporation of fire resistant materials into the design, the room safeguards the owner’s belongings in case of a fire in the home.  While this room was not specifically designed as a storm shelter, it would be the safest place in the event of a tornado due to its location at the core of the house, concrete reinforced construction, and steel door.  Incorporating a room into the design of an existing home and concealing its location is the challenge we accepted here and we think the results were a reflection of our craftsmanship and creativity.


4 Responses to safe room

  1. wayne says:

    Where can I find that door?

    • The doors and the room were custom made. The exterior door was adapted from a mirror. It has a concealed hinge and is held closed by a magnetic lock. A key fob releases the lock to access the interior door which was manufactured for this project. It has a two hour fire rating and double locks for security. We can build one for you.

    • Scott Forse says:

      Can you build this mirror unit for my home and send it to me

      • A mirror like this can be shipped. However, the installation requires some preparation on your end that we must coordinate. If you included a magnetic lock like this one has, then the installation is much more complicated. Please contact me at 469-450-8315.

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