hollow tree

Creating a show for your church or school?  This custom theater includes a hollow tree with room for two puppeteers.  There is also a puppet stage in front of the background where the orange haired puppet is sitting on a swing.  Puppeteers can see through the backdrop so that they can manipulate their puppets and interact directly with the audience.  The gate on the left is a stage entrance.


4 Responses to hollow tree

  1. Idaliz Ortiz says:

    What materials did you use for the tree? Is it too heavy to transport? I need to make one for my church but it needs to be flexible so the branches can move like hands.

    • This tree was built for a church puppet theater. It has a plywood frame and rigid foam outer structure. We can make one completely out out of soft foam or make just the branches out of soft foam so that they could move.

      We go anywhere including Puerto Rico, but we could build this in Texas and ship it to you with some minor assembly on your end.

  2. heather says:

    how much does something like this cost?

    • The tree alone would run $12,000 to $15,000, but there are lots of factors involved in adapting a design to you needs an location. Give me a call. Information is free. Patrick Jackson 469-450-8315.

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