climbing walls

Your kids climbing the walls can be a good thing.

You’ll find climbing walls everywhere these days.  From mobile towers to the local mall.  Why not bring the concept home and incorporate a climbing wall into your backyard playground, your garage, game room, or kids bedroom.   We have seen examples flanking the fire place in living rooms to cave-like courses in converted attics.  Climbing components make it easy to incorporate a wall into virtually any space.  They are entertaining, fun, and great excercise and come in a variety of materials that can work for any

budget.   The one above  is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets with built-in achor positions.  It can be combined with multiple sheets to make extended traverse walls.

A traverse wall typically keeps the climbers closer to the ground.   Pads can even be added to make the landing zone softer.

This  modular system has more surface detail and depth, but can also have anchor inserts for additional holds.

This climbing cave is a simple, functional design that allows the climber to easily modify holds and routes.

Artificial boulders bring the mountains to your backyard.


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